News Edit 29 March 2017

Defining innovation in the context of the UIA Initiative

Benchmark process
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With the 17 projects approved in the first UIA Call for Proposals now concretely starting their implementation activities and still a few weeks before the deadline of the second Call for Proposals closes, it was time for the Permanent Secretariat to draw some initial lessons from the first Call. Raffaele Barbato, Project Coordinator, looked at the proposals submitted in the first Call, and more especially at the approved projects, to identify trends and specificities in terms of innovation but also of partnerships and measurability of results.

The paper does not have a scientific basis or ambition. It is based on the global reading of all applications received as well as on the discussions with the experts who assessed the project proposals and on the daily contacts with project coordinators of the 17 approved projects.

The trends and initial lessons identified have been already presented during the different information events organised in the frame of the second Call for Proposals and are now available in a single paper, that you can download on this page.

We hope this paper will provide useful insights for urban authorities that are currently preparing a proposal for the second Call for Proposals and more generally to urban actors interested in urban innovation and in the UIA Initiative.


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