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Call for UIA Experts – deadline extended!

Call for experts
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The call to become a UIA Expert has been extended until 31 January 2017.

The UIA Permanent Secretariat has decided to extend its call for applications to become a UIA Expert that will support urban authorities in the delivery of the approved projects from the first Call for Proposals. The delay is in order to find applicants to support all the 18 approved projects.

During the extension, applicants can apply to become an expert for any of the projects but we are specifically looking for experts to support:

  • In the energy transition topic - the FED project (city of Gothenburg) and the CorDEES project (City of Paris)
  • Under the topic of the integration of migrants and refugees - the CURANT project (city of Antwerp), the RefuMuc project (city of Munich), the U-RLP project (city of Utrecht) and the CoRE project (city of Vienna).
  • In the urban poverty topic - USE-IT! (Birmingham City Council), TAST’in FIVES (city of Lille), 5Bridges (city of Nantes) and MAC (city of Pozzuoli).

We are looking for motivated professionals with a good overview of sustainable urban development in the EU.  They should have experience in supporting urban authorities in implementing bold and innovative solutions as well as skills in capturing and sharing knowledge. Becoming a UIA expert will give applicants the possibility to join a select group that will support the first pioneering projects and will actively contribute in drawing lessons to be made available to a wider audience of policy makers and practitioners in Europe and beyond.  

The call for experts for UIA approved projects was published on the 13 October once the selected projects were approved. The approved UIA projects are listed in and presented within the Call for Applicants’ Terms of Reference. As a reminder, applicants will be asked to fill in an application form (no CV needed). The UIA is looking for expertise that will fit with the specificities of each individual project, therefore applicants will be have to:

  • select one or maximum three project/s for which they would like to become an expert
  • demonstrate solid knowledge on the specific topic related to urban challenges and policies addressed by the approved project
  • prove their interest in becoming a UIA expert

The call for applications, the application form and the description of the approved projects is available here.  

The first UIA Call for Proposals closed on 31 March and there was a great interest from urban authorities from across Europe. 378 proposals were received and the UIA is looking to fund around 20 projects. The topics of our first Call for Proposals were: energy transition, integration of migrants and refugees, jobs and skills in the local economy and urban poverty (deprived neighbourhoods). You can find out further on the key trends in the submitted proposals here.

Please visit the website regularly or follow us on twitter to get the latest updates on the call for UIA Experts.


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