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All our project journals are online

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The UIA Permanent Secretariat is pleased to announce that all first issues of the 1st Call Projects' Journals are now online and can be consulted in the projects' dedicated webpages.

The Projects' Journals are the main output produced by UIA Experts, who are following, advising and supporting selected UIA projects.

Gathering and consolidating information collected by each UIA Expert during site visits and regular contacts and building on interviews and exchanges with local stakeholders involved in selected UIA Projects, the journals report the main projects' progresses while drawing ongoing lessons related to the implementation process.

Produced each six months, the Journals provide information on the main steps achieved on the ground (projects' milestones) as well as a critical analysis of the main challenges that UIA cities are encountering and how they are trying to address them in an innovative way.

The main objective of the Journals is to inform a wider audience about the progresses and first results achieved and inspire other urban stakeholders on how to address the main challenges that urban areas are facing but also how these innovative and complex solutions can be effectively implemented. The publication of the second issues is planned for April 2018.

The focus on the implementation phase and its related challenges (see the paper produced by the Secretariat introducing the main implementation challenges) is central as this links all different selected projects and it represents the real added value that UIA can bring to the already existing wealth of knowledge on sustainable urban development.

The projects' Journals will be complemented, once a year, by a Zoom In where UIA Experts will deepen the analysis of a specific aspect or dimension of the project while trying to put forward the main learning points for other urban authorities and stakeholders. UIA experts are currently co-designing the Zoom In with their projects and the first ones will be published in July 2019.


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