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1st Call for Proposals: heading towards the end of the assessment process

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The Strategic Assessment is now completed and 27 projects have been short-listed for the last and final step of the assessment procedure: the Operational Assessment.

The Permanent Secretariat has been busy since the first Call for Proposals closed on 31 March.

After finalising the eligibility check in May, a panel of External Experts completed the Strategic Assessment of those eligible proposals looking at four criteria: innovativeness, the quality of the partnership, the measurability and transferability potential. More than 300 projects proposals were analysed as part of the Strategic Assessment. The process for the Strategic Assessment has now been completed together with the European Commission and the Entrusted Entity.

As a result, 27 projects have been shortlisted to go on to the third and final step of the assessment process: the Operational Assessment. These 27 shortlisted projects cover the four topics of the first Call for Proposals: energy transition, the integration of migrants and refugees, urban poverty (deprived neighbourhoods) and jobs and skills in the local economy.

The Operational Assessment will be carried out by the Permanent Secretariat over the next months in order to identify the projects that will be funded.

Not all shortlisted projects will received UIA funding. Based on the budget available for the first Call (approx. EUR 80 million) as well as the average ERDF contribution requested by the projects shortlisted, the UIA Initiative is looking to fund 18 to 20 projects. The final decision will be taken by a Selection Committee made up of the European Commission and the Entrusted Entity at the end of September.

The approved projects will be announced in the political event on the Urban Agenda for the EU on 12 October (14:00 – 17:00) in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) that takes place in Brussels between 10 -13 October. Please look at the event's official website for further information and how to register.

Please do not hesitate to contact the UIA Permanent Secretariat should you have any question.


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