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Get to know what Maribor is doing in the first UIA Expert journal!

It’s been almost a year since the Urban Soil 4 Food project has started its implementation. UIA Expert Daniela Patti writes how “the Kick-off has served as an opportunity to create local public awareness on the project through press news that allowed stakeholders and target groups to get acquainted with the project. Following this, up until now partners have been involved in the development of a laboratory system for the production of soil, carried out by ZAG. Snaga has provided different soil mixtures (mixtures with different ratios of compost, bio-charcoal and excavated soil) as well as their individual components which were tested by ZAG according to Slovenian standards (e.g. adequacy of compost, etc.). Clear results on which mixtures are to be used for urban soil production to achieve optimal results have been gathered and made ready for further uptake and demonstration of the project.”
What else has happened since the project’s initiation? Find out in the first journal!

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Maribor Journal

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