Super Circular Estate
Short description
On Thursday the 9th of May (‘Europe Day’) an impressive spectacle took place at the Super Circular Estate sight in Bleijerheide, Kerkrade. A big crane lifted a whole apartment from the flat at the Jonkerbergstraat.

The spectators had to be patient during the experiment. After two attempts, the apartment, which weighed 100,000 kilos, was taken out of the apartment and placed on an extra-long truck downstairs. Then another crane lifted the huge load on the ready to use foundation. This was the start of the construction of three circular test houses as part of the Super Circular Estate project. The second apartment was lifted out on Friday, May 10. The two apartments form the basis for two of the three houses. The third will be made of recycled concrete from the flat. 
The test will be done to investigate how much material from an adjacent demolition flat can be reused for the construction of real houses. The hoisting moment is one of the many tests that are done to reuse materials. Eventually, 90% of the houses will have to be made from recycled materials. The houses will be ready by the summer of this year.

Author: Mado van Oppen, Communication Manager, Municipality of Kerkrade

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