The smart living community of Antwerp Circular South
Short description
In co-creation between the project’s partners Vito, imec, Digipolis Antwerpen and EnergieID the data platform is nearing completion. At this moment energy consumption data and other metrics like room temperature and presence are collected through smart home gateways and sensors in 9 homes of participants in the Circular South project. Data on deposits for different waste fractions (organic, plastic, residual) are collected from the city’s waste sorting units.

The entire data stream runs through the Antwerp City platform (ACPAAS) where it is linked to the residents’ profile (A-profiel). So, the participating residents use this profile to identify themselves while accessing the digital city services and the Circular South app, developed by EnergieID. 
All data is analysed and transformed into insightful and personalised reports, graphs and key performance indicators (KPIs). The residents can consult these in the Circular South app, installed on their smartphone. The final look and feel of the app are the result of co-creation sessions with the end users, the Circular South participants.
In addition to the consultation of data, the app also provides a wallet to receive ‘circules’. These tokens are supported by blockchain technology and can be earned through challenges defined as ‘smart contracts’ of which the participants will be notified through the app’s notification centre.  Notifications will be used to nudge the participants into more sustainable behaviour, such as reducing the use of energy, using solar energy when the sun is shining, using less water by using a shower timer, … 
The fall of 2019 will be used to outfit an additional 190 homes with smart home gateways and sensors after which the inhabitants will be able to download the Circular South app from the app stores. At the same time data about the solar energy production and battery capacity of the shared energy system will be integrated in the data platform. This entire ecosystem will form the Circular South living lab for online nudging experiments during the final year of the Circular South project. During this experimentation period the Circular South project will closely monitor the effects on the project’s targets.

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