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On Friday 28 April Gotzone Sagardui, Coordinating Councillor for the Bilbao Mayor’s Office, Economic Development and Good Government, signed the Subsidy Agreement finalising the first phase of the Initiative, thanks to which Bilbao will receive 4.6 million euros of European funding for the development of the project.

Bilbao As Fabrik means an opportunity to consolidate an innovating ecosystem in Zorrotzaurre around advanced services for industry 4.0 and the digital economy. Gotzone Sagardui, Coordinating Councillor for the Mayor’s Office, Economic Development and Good Government, signed the Subsidy Agreement between the UIA Initiative Entrusted Entity and Bilbao City Council, finalising the first phase of this Initiative.

During this phase which began in November 2016, aspects of the project have been negotiated with the UIA. Furthermore, the agreement between the Project Partners was formalised by an event presided over by the Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, which took place on 23 January.

During this presentation, the Partnership Agreement for the implementation of AS Fabrik was signed between Bilbao City Council, leading the project, and the strategic Project Partners: Bilbao Ekintza, Deusto Foundation-Orkestra, EIKEN, GAIA, IDOM, Mondragón Promotion Centre, Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, Mondragon Innovation and Knowledge and Mondragon Unibertsitatea Enpresagintza.

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Zorrotzaurre, an innovating ecosystem of reference

Bilbao As Fabrik seeks to improve the competitiveness of local businesses and the consolidation of Zorrotzaurre as an innovating ecosystem and a reference in the field of advanced services for industry 4.0 and the digital economy.

To this end, the epicentre of the project will be a public building with an industrial past located in Zorrotzaurre, to be conditioned as a reference centre for the project and meeting point for the planned activities. Four key actions will be coordinated from this building, to be developed over the next three years, and which have the objective of consolidating the new production model:

  • Training programmes aimed at university students, entrepreneurs and professionals, designed to tackle the challenges of industry 4.0 in the digital economy.
  • Networking actions between the main stakeholders or interest groups in the public and private sphere, to coordinate a single strategy which is effective and efficient for addressing the current and future needs of the industrial sector.
  • Proposals that stimulate and favour the launch of start-ups based in Bilbao, related to technology, specialisation and intelligence that need industry 4.0 to position themselves internationally.
  • The setting up of an ideas laboratory and observatory, where trends in technology, industry 4.0 and the digital economy will be analysed, to identify the challenges faced by local businesses and propose innovative solutions to them.

An ecosystem of talent and innovation is thus created in Bilbao, which will contribute to the development of local businesses involved in intensive knowledge services and the promotion of the industrial sector, which must actively participate in a process of intelligent transformation in order to guarantee its future

Author: AS FABRIK team

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