SALUS SPACE: working on buildings and communities
Short description
The construction works have finally started in Bologna, in the area where the old clinic Villa Salus used to stand. Meanwhile, community building activities have also started.

Building activities have finally started last June, after the demolition of the old Villa Salus and the reclamation of the whole area, looking for explosive devices from the Second World War. Two separate competitive calls for tenders have been issued to identify the enterprises that will build the new residential building and restore the historic building, “ex camera iperbarica”. All construction works are underway, according to schedule. The buildings will be finished in Spring next year.
In the meantime, community building workshops have been started, co-ordinated by ASP Città di Bologna. The workshops are a process aiming at creating a shared view on key-words and funding values for the rising community that will inhabit and work in S.A.L.U.S. SPACEW. The expected outcome of the process will be cohabitation regulations that will set the modus operandi for relations within the S.A.L.U.S. SPACE living and working community, between this and the district, associations, inhabitants and stakeholders. 
The process lead by ASP is structured around public meetings focusing on specific issues related to co-housing, interculture and community living as well as focus groups, involving specific key-actors that partners want to involve (students, refugees etc.), aimed at gathering experiences and information, in order to improve the elaboration on community, values, spaces and co-habitation rules as much as possible. 
Training activities have also started. Training aims at providing the skills necessary for the future of S.A.L.U.S. SPACE, in the pilot phase that will start as soon as the construction works will be finished. Participants to these courses, some of them only targeting refugees and migrants, part of them open to anyone, will have the possibility to be engaged in the multidisciplinary professional team, that will be the bearing axis of the start up social enterprises that will manage and run services within S.A.L.U.S. SPACE (the restaurant, the bed and breakfast, the productive orchards and all other services). This will be the ground for economic sustainability, beyond the duration of the EU-funded project. The pilot phase will be based on a sustainability plan that will be finalised in May-June 2020.
So far, the training courses that have started are: course for maintenance technician, course for glass and wood artisan and a course for food processing, cooking and catering with administration. Others will start by the end of the month.
A public event has taken place on 17th October to publicly present all courses.

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