SALUS SPACE clearing
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The first stage is over! On a sunny morning at the beginning of September, the demolition works of the old Villa Salus ended.

Even the smallest debris has been removed. Instead of a crumbling building, there is a large clearing ready to welcome new premise that will be realised to combine residential solutions for migrants and local residents, and to offer training paths and start-up of small business activities. 
An innovative space open to every citizen living in or passing through Bologna. 

The executive project concerning the building of the former hyperbaric chamber has already been approved. The next steps, two tender notices for the residential building and for the hyperbaric chamber, should work by the end of the year.
In the meanwhile, the Municipality of Bologna is dealing with practical verifications to exclude the presence of war mines in the area, and to start the works for the installation of a new electric power unit, able to give the needed energy to run Salus Space at full capacity.
The co-design phase has been concluded and the training activities are going to start, while the partnership is already working to make a deep analysis of the actual options for the management model. 
In the coming months the project partners will launch the participatory preparation of the "charter of values", involving all the stakeholders, including the citizens of Savena District and the asylum seekers and refugees already committed in the training courses.
The Municipality of Bologna will soon organize a public meeting, to update the citizens about the progress of the project and the next steps to take.

Author: The S.A.L.U.S project team

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