E-Co Housing Kick-off event
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The E-Co Housing project of Zugló, XIV. district of Budapest was presented to the public on 20th September, ready to make a buzz of novelty and innovation in Hungary.

The public kick-off event took place at the building site of the new house in  a convivial get-together: not only did the project partners and the media gather this afternoon, but also the local residents who were invited to get familiar with the project.

"The construction process should be transparent for locals" emphasized the mayor of Zugló, Mr Gergely Karácsony, drawing attention to the social aspect as well expressing his hopes that people in need from various social backgrounds would be able to find a new home in the house. 

The deputy-mayor of Zugló, Rebeka Szabó pointed out innovative aspects to the public stating that this building would not only be a solution for housing problems but also a great example for sustainable living and a social community building. In order to reach these goals, a common laundry and shared community spaces have been included in the design of the building.

András Reith, the chief designer of the building talked about the innovative sustainable energy solutions of the house, highlighting that the living costs of the new tenants will be quite low due to the these.

During the Q&A sessions it turned out that people are most interested in the selection process of the new tenants and the size of apartments.

The venue was set-up to be informative and interactive: poster-sized table boards were put on display to give information to visitors but new technology also played a role: the public could have a look of the future building via specifically developed proprietary apps using state-of-the-art AR and VR technology. 

Construction work is expected to start in early 2020.

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