A new role for the Neighbourhood Steering Platform
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The Super Circular Estate project invites former residents to live in the area again. They are closely involved in the realization of the design of the area, but also in the implementation of a mobility platform and a centre with social facilities in the district. This group existing of former residents and neighbours is called the Neighbourhood Steering Platform. Under the watchful eye of the UIA this group will officially advice the Steering Committee.

Anita Hanssen has lived in the project area for 31 years together with her husband. They are both active members of the sounding group. “I do have a feeling they take us seriously and listen to our ideas”, she enthusiastically says. There are many ideas to include former inhabitants and neighbours in the developments of the Super Circular Estate project. At the end of 2018: the construction of four circular test houses, during which will be experimented with various recycling methods will start. These test houses will be tested for their viability and copy ability, in which technical feasibility, economic possibilities and social responsibility will always be weighed up. Anita and her husband are invited to stay in the test houses for a week to provide the project managers with feedback and advice the Steering Committee. Raoul Borgans is also an active member of the Neighbourhood Steering Platform, he feels that former habitants and neighbours of the project are able to give useful advice valuable for the project. “If you see your ideas implemented in the scale model it makes you feel good”. As of this month ideas from the Neighbourhood Steering Platform will officially be offered to the Steering Committee of the Super Circular Estate project.

Mado van Oppen

Communication Manager

Municipality of Kerkrade


This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative. Super Circular Estate can also be found online:

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