CoRE digital platform for refugees
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As part of the CORE project, a digital service platform for refugees in Vienna was developed. The new website provides multilingual information for better orientation in the city, gives an overview of support offers for volunteers and shows all activities taking place at the CORE Centre.

When people have to flee their homes and start a new life in a foreign country, they face many challenges. Originating from the challenge of finding your way in a completely new environment, the website was developed as part of the CORE project. With the aim of easing refugees’ orientation in the city from day one, the website serves as a digital service platform for refugees in Vienna. In order to overcome language barriers and to facilitate integration as early as possible, the website is available in German, English, Arabic and Farsi.

The website offers comprehensive information on a wide range of topics concerning life in Vienna. Structured as FAQ pages, frequently asked questions of refugees in Vienna are answered in a simple and comprehensible way. The topics range from e.g. education, health and housing, to cohabitation, social matters and the asylum procedure. The questions and answers are also intended to support volunteers, who often spend a lot of time finding answers to the questions they are confronted with when supporting refugees.

In addition, provides information about support offers for volunteers in the field of refugee aid and integration. Volunteers can also find out how they can become active within the framework of the CORE project. An event calendar provides an overview of current activities for refugees and volunteers in Vienna, including all activities taking place at the CORE Centre. The website also gives an overview of the numerous civil society initiatives that support refugees in Vienna.

Following the participative approach of the CORE project, refugees were actively involved in the development of the website: while IT programmers supported the coding of the website, refugees with good language skills assisted in translating the website’s content. Photos for the website were shot by a talented photographer, while refugees with a design background supported the creation of flyers and posters to promote the website. 

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