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Since 25 March, all the laboratories have been launched and the partner companies are providing training in key areas identified in the previous phase of MILMA project - Urban creation and recycling, Internet of Things, Front-end web development, Digital production: Drones and robotics, Green Production, Care for dependent persons and Catering. BC-LABs are currently operating to the full.

Thanks to these training actions, we are promoting job-placement among more than 100 local and migrant people, most of them long-term unemployed, which have found in this project an opportunity to retrain in areas with high labour demand. 
With a duration of approximately 3 to 4 months, depending on each BC-Lab, participants will train their technical and soft skills in order to improve their employability in these market niches. Besides, participants will be able to undertake an internship with a company so that they can put into practice all the acquired knowledge and increase their opportunities to find a job.

Companies such as ECOEMBES, co-manager of Urban Creation and Recycling BC Lab, or Telefónica Foundation, co-manager of Integration and Installation of Devices BC Lab, have designed the theoretical and practical modules according to real needs of these areas of work. 
The City Hall is working closely with the co-manager companies. Moreover, it is also supporting them and ensuring complementary capacity-building activities through the assignment of spaces for practical activities. Additionally, the City Hall is receiving participants into the facilities, which are related to the training in order to give as practical and as complete training experience as possible. 
Likewise, employment and entrepreneurship services of the City Hall are also coordinated with the Project. They all are supporting the Project with complementary workshops like curriculum development, and entrepreneurship sessions linked with BC Labs. 
We encourage you to visit the project website where you could find videos of both the collaborating companies and the participants of the project telling us about their experience.

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Let's get started!

Javier Ayala, Mayor of Fuenlabrada, has signed with MILMA Project’s partners the agreement for the Project implementation. This initiative has a budge...