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A call for applications has just been launched to identify the future operators of the urban farm and the solidarity restaurant: a key step that will build new collective dynamics.

Led by the partner SAMOA, this call for applications from operators offers a flexible framework allowing various leads for the future functioning of the different spaces. Candidates will have the opportunity to apply for both the urban farm and the solidarity restaurant, or only for one of the two programmes, or even for a larger "package" also bringing together a start-up platform for solidarity business and a premises for activities.
The management and exploitation models are still to be invented, and they will be in a logic inherent to the 5Bridges’ project : co-construction. These new synergies will thus feed the 5Bridges’ project and draw a coherent social project for the future equipment.
The operation of the urban farm, which will extend on the roofs and on a surface complementary to the ground, must be able to reach the following objectives:

- to develop a sustainable and economically viable business;
- to implement an environmentally friendly production and participate in strengthening the presence of nature in the city;
- to involve the people welcomed by Les Eaux Vives and be a vector of social link between these people and the neighborhood;
- to highlight the agricultural activity for educational purposes and to give the farm a demonstrative character.

For the solidarity restaurant, the idea is to create a space open to the neighborhood and addressing a diverse clientele. At the heart of the challenges of the 5Bridges, the restaurant allows:

- to provide a social function by serving meals at a reduced price for those accommodated by Les Eaux Vives;
- to be a support for the professional insertion for desocialised people;
- to offer a space of conviviality and exchanges with the civil society (professionals and volunteers of the association, students, inhabitants and workers of the district), thus favoring the change of look on the people of the street.

You want to take part in the 5Bridges adventure and give to your project a social and solidarity dimension ? Contact the SAMOA to have more information and to receive the brief (in french) :

Author : 5Bridges editorial board

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