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In the past few months, project partner Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship started collecting the needed data in the local environment and conducting a personal survey of local food producers, in order to create an appropriate database of local supply chains of Maribor with rural hinterland and key data on providers, quantities of local and processed vegetables, fruits and other products, semi-products and raw materials. The collected data provide the basis for the creation of the modern InnoRural's online marketplace and modern mobile phone application.

"Surveying in the field is demanding", report Janja and Marko, who see the challenge especially in the abundance of administrative tasks of local producers, which discourage them from each new submitted form with the required data on their activity. Therefore, they have decided to conduct the survey "face to face", which brings an added value from the point of view of promoting the entire project Urban soil 4 Food. It should also be emphasized that local producers, due to their extensive reporting to which they are bound by legislation, are a little distrustful towards providing any information. This phase is therefore more demanding and more vulnerable, but is also the only realistic way to build a trusted network of partnerships.

Sellers at the Maribor`s market have also been included in the survey, since local markets as a traditional exchange areas of locally produced foods, are important places and mediums for spreading awareness of the importance of home grown food, all while offering direct contact to local producers. The survey will cover more than 150 growers and a minimum of 50 local food demanders (public institutions, guesthouses, hotels and other providers). Both the website and the application in the final versions, as well as the supply and demand market, will enable the gathering of useful and necessary information about the actual local self-sufficiency. This will benefit producers, processors, consumers, relevant institutions of agricultural consultancy services, local communities and responsible ministries.

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