Kerkrade Super Circular Estate
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On 21 March a milestone took place for the UIA project Super Circular Estate. The demolition works of the high-rise flat on the Voorterstraat started. The Social Services Planning is a unique element about the high-rise flat of the Voorterstraat, and an important part of the Super Circular Estate project.

There will be less homes in the Super Circular Estate area than there were before, due to the fact that the project takes place in a region with a shrinking population. As a result, there will be more room to live. In addition to the sustainable objectives, the project will therefore contribute to a better quality of living and the environment. The flat on Voorterstraat is partially reused.

Half of the flat will be demolished and newly built, the other half will be retained and renovated. This saves no less than 1 million kilos of CO2 emissions, compared to building a new flat. To compensate for this, a large wind turbine must run for 104 days or 50,000 trees must grow for a year. The flat will contain 113 energy-efficient homes, with five different layouts. The building is expected to be ready in the autumn of 2020.

Social Services Planning
On the ground floor of the apartment there are spaces where people can meet in a friendly way and make use of a number of shared facilities. This could include a shared washing machine room, a common tool shed, a kitchen where residents can cook together and facilities that respond to the circular economy, such as separate waste collection or a repair café. What exactly will come will be determined together with future residents. New residents will be selected on the basis of their motivation to live in this innovative area. We are looking for residents who, for example, are willing to help manage the meeting space as volunteers. 
Throughout the Super Circular Estate project, the aim is to preserve or reuse as many values as possible. In addition to organising facilities aimed at the circular economy, we also want to use the meeting rooms to restore the old social structure of the area (social circularity). In addition, during the construction of the meeting space, an attempt is made to reuse materials from the old flats.

Author: Mado van Oppen, communication Manager, Municipality of Kerkrade

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