Do we need innovations? Zoom-in on geopolymers composites
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Making the construction sector circular is one of the main challenge for the implementation of a full circular economy. The Urban Infra Revolutions project in the city of Lappeenranta aims to demonstrate the ability of geopolymers and the processes to achieve finished components for construction industry with reduced life cycle costs.

However, few barriers are still ahead of the project to ensure that the designed material will close the loop of construction; will be applicable for extreme arctic weather condition and will be based on local industry wastes. 

In this first Zoom-in, UIA Expert Kinga Korniejenko reflects on the notion and the innovation needed for ensuring the full exploitation of the geopolymer potentialities. What is a geopolymer? How and where they have been used so far and what the project Urban Infra Revolutions is planning to do with them are the key questions addressed by document. 

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