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This Journal accompanies Curing the Limbo in its past half year of progress. By giving an account of the main activities and achievements of each project component, the second issue explores the challenges of building a coherent project consortium by developing a common working routine, as well as the dynamics of launching activities and engaging with shifting circumstances in the constantly changing environment of Athens.

In his 2nd journal of Curing the Limbo, UIA expert Levente Polyak focuses on the establishment of the project’s teams, spaces and working routines and takes his readers on an innovation tour in Athens, where Curing the Limbo sits at the heart of a growing ecosystem. Levente sheds light on how the project and the city itself cope with dealing with challenges almost at real-time; from administrative ones through institutional changes to structural difficulties originating from fast urban transformation.  
By reading this journal, you will get a good taste of how refuges and migrants are receiving their first Greek and English language, and audiovisual skills classes launched with special curricula customized for the project’s target groups. The latter is a changing parameter in itself and one cannot predict how refugees and migration flows change throughout the course of the project. 
Finally, Levente takes a deep dive in the always crucial issue of housing – and the stability that comes with it – and how Curing the Limbo is bringing innovation in this aspect as well.  

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