Meeting with residents
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As the success of Circular South strongly relies on the commitment of the residents, we regularly organise events to inform and engage the people of the New South district. On the 20th of June (future) residents were invited to an information session about the use of smart home-technology. The possibility to share a sustainable energy system was also presented.

Thirty-one residents attended the information session and an equal number showed interest to participate in a future event. Thirteen participants registered as a friendly user. Their homes will be equipped with smart meters for electricity, water and heat. On an online dashboard, friendly users can monitor their day-to-day consumption of resources and will be stimulated to more circular behaviour. 

During this same info session, project partner Ecopower presented the conditions and advantages of a circular energy system that could be installed on the buildings in the district. Nine households signed up to become a member of the sustainable energy cooperative, a good start! 

The ambition is to register 200 residents as an online community and to find 80 households that want to be part of the cooperative by 2020. Four more gatherings are planned in September, November, January and March to build the community ever stronger. The positive response on the project, both during the information session and on social media, showed a great willingness of the residents to be part of a circular community and to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. We will warmly invite them to the opening of the circular community center in the first weekend of September.


Author: Tine Mallentjer, community manager Circular South

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