Aveiro STEAM City Energy Use Case – Electric “Moliceiros”
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Within the project Aveiro STEAM City, the City of Aveiro is leading the Energy use case, planning to change the combustion engines of the traditional boats “Moliceiros” to electrical alternatives. This municipal investment includes charging points installed by the Municipality in the existing docks (13) which will be combined with the private investment, in the next 2 years, from the private touristic companies, in the replacement of the current engines to electric ones.

Early this month, the City of Aveiro conducted a pilot to trial an electric engine solution developed by Torqeedo, in partnership with EFACEC (electric charger manufacturer) and with the local association of touristic operators, with free tours for the community in one electric “Moliceiro”, equipped with a 4KW engine and two batteries with 2,5h autonomy. For this pilot, the Municipality organized 16 circuits with a total of 320 passengers, who had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, noise-free and eco-friendly trip.

With this initiative, the City of Aveiro and its partners continues  its work to improve the quality of living of Aveiro’s residents and those who choose spend some holidays in the Portuguese Venice.

Once used by agriculture and salt industries, currently there are 27 vessels operating daily in the urban canals of Aveiro, for touristic and sightseeing purposes. These boats operate 8 hours/day and transport up to 35 people in a 45 minutes ride, which annually represents the transportation of over 1.1 million tourists. At the moment, the engines are either petrol or diesel, covering a shifting catalogue of power, consumption and models, realising to the atmosphere approximately 400 tonnes of CO2 every year.

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