AirHeritage at the WeBioPatr international conference!
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An ENEA (New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development Agency - Italy) researcher presented AirHeritage project with a keynote speech at the 7th edition of WeBioPatr international conference on particulate matter measurement and research.

This year the conference, hosted by VINCA institute and NILU agency, has been focused on health impacts as well as measurements, modeling and communication approaches to be used for improving our knowledge of PM exposure. Several field campaigns results both tackling indoor (e.g. Schools, Sport centers, Working environments, etc.) and outdoor environment (e.g. Car traffic hotspots and building sites) have been presented giving a clear outline of the particulate measurement challenge. Both technical and social sessions gave the opportunity to strengthen scientific bases and cooperation potential of the AirHeritage project partnership.
As the scientific manager of the project, Ing. S. De Vito described its multiple challenges and the multifaceted approach that will be used to tackle them. The Project, managed by the Portici Municipal Authority, involves six partners. ENEA is responsible for the implementation of the IoT enabled mobile AQ monitor network and the associated smartphone app. The MONICA device, that’s the name of the mobile analyzer, is empowered with AI components that will ensure maximum accuracy and precision once been appropriately field calibrated. Together with partner ARPAC (Campania region environmental protection agency), ENEA will be also responsible for the implementation of the fixed monitoring network relying on more than 10 low cost monitoring stations. Furthermore ARPAC will provide regulatory grade real time baseline data and periodic AQ assessments by relying on its network of fixed and mobile stations. University of Naples “Federico II” will develop traffic data assimilating air quality models that will allow for the reconstruction of a high resolution map of the air quality in the city of Portici.
These tools will allow citizens to participate in a high density long term measurement campaign sharing measured air quality data while simultaneously assessing their personal exposure to Particulate matter, CO, NO2 and O3. Campaigns will be developed as behavioral change contests among schools and local citizens associations being coordinate by Legambiente, the partner responsible for project’s communication strategy. While communicated to general public, the resulting nowcasting and forecasting maps will be integrated in a DSS, developed by Terraria srl, that will boost the capability of the MUA to design, and those of ARPAC to evaluate, efficient remediation actions. In this way, the existing gap among the different stakeholders will be bridged to the benefit of the entire citizens population.

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