Innovation as a solution to tackle urban security issues

Urban security is a multidimensional and complex issue that includes various societal factors such as social integration, society’s resilience as well...
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Transferring Innovative Actions - what’s the update?

UIA and URBACT have been collaborating for over a year to share and transfer tested solutions from UIA projects to other cities facing similar challen...
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How to support green sectors and skills? – Lessons learnt from EU front-runner cities

This is a key question for many EU cities already facing climate change consequences on the urban metabolism. ...
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Climate adaptation
Cities, Jobs and Just Transitions : executive summary of the inception report

Cities, Jobs and Just Transitions : executive summary of the inception report

Addressing the potential labour market impacts of the climate neutral transition is central to the European Green Deal. UIA is exploring the good prac...
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What can we learn from UIA projects? Key achievements from 2021

While the year 2021 has been quite challenging, UIA projects continue to strive for great results and make a positive impact on cities around Europe. ...
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How can UIA cities inspire others to promote jobs and skills for Just Transitions?

UIA is conducting a two-year knowledge development activity focused on Just Transitions, contribution UIA cities are making towards this goal. This ar...
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Going digital - UIA projects creating new jobs and skills opportunities

Through their experimentations, UIA digital projects are reflecting on how cities could collect, monitor, exchange and take advantage of data and how ...
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Cities are invited to join the Mission '100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030'

Commission invites cities to express their interest to become part of European Mission ”100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030”...
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Cities take innovative actions to combat climate change

From targeting vulnerable groups to benefitting from ecosystem services and developing cooperation schemes, UIA cities are at the forefront of combati...
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