The Permanent Secretariat of the UIA Initiative, via the GEIE GECOTTI-PE and on behalf of the Région Nord-Pas de Calais-Picardie, is issuing a tender procedure for the Second Level Control of the UIA Initiative

The present procedure is open for the selection of one company or consortium that will be in charge of system audits and audits of operations. In more details:

  1. Drafting and updating the audit methodology for system audits and audits of operations
  2. Drafting and updating of the audit strategy and of the risk analysis and making proposals regarding sampling
  3. Execution of system audit(s)
  4. Execution of audits of operation(s)
  5. Scheduling of the system audit work and of the audits of operations, and establishing annual resource plans
  6. Preparation of the annual reports on controls and of the annual opinions
  7. Preparation of the final report and of the final closure declaration (and, if applicable, of the partial closure declarations)
  8. Accessibility of documents and computerised follow-up of irregularities

All the tasks carried out by the successful tenderer shall comply with the international audit standards.

The present tender procedure will remain open until 16 June 2016, 12h00 (CET). All official tender documents are available for download on this link.

 Should need more information you can contact: