The Hauts-de-France Region (Entrusted Entity for the implementation of the UIA Initiative) is issuing a Call for Tenders for externalization of First Level Control activities. The Call is open until 16 December 2016.

FLC is an integral part of the overall control system. It is the base of the “pyramid structure” of checks and constitutes the most important level of the overall project audit. An FLC is the first independent body which is responsible at the level of the Initiative for ensuring that all of the expenditure declared by the beneficiaries (project partners) complies with the EU, national and Initiative rules and is therefore eligible, legal and rational.

This contract aims at externalising to a third party the following tasks:

  1. Drafting and updating the FLC methodology (including sampling methodology) for administrative, administrative and physical on-the-spot control
  2. Execution of  ‘ex-ante control’
  3. Execution of administrative and on-the-spot control – 2 validations of expenditures (including at least 1 on-the-spot control)
  4. Scheduling of the above mentioned controls and establishing annual resource plans
  5. Preparation of the FLC Report of validation of expenditures and FLC control checklists
  6. Accessibility of documents and computerized follow-up of controls
  7. Overall FLC Coordination 

For the execution of the FLC, the successful tenderer shall describe the methodology it intends to use, which shall be sent for consultation to the EE/PS.

For every service provided, the successful tenderer shall submit a written document in order to inform the EE/PS of the activities carried out and of their results.

The present Call for Tenders will remain open until 16 December 2016.

Applicants are invited to download and read the Terms of Reference for the Call for Tenders here:

For information concerning the Call for Tenders please contact Katarzyna Schonborn (Audit and Control Officer):