The Urban Innovative Action’s (UIA) Permanent Secretariat has its headquarters in Lille, France. Our international team carries out the day-to-day management of the Initiative and brings support to applicants and project partners across Europe. Click on the pictures to see who we are, how we work and how to contact us.
You can also call us on our general line +33 (0)3 61 76 59 34
Tim Caulfield
Tim Caulfield - Director

Tim joined UIA in September 2015. He holds a master’s degree in Regional development in Europe and has lived in Germany, the UK and is now based in France. Tim’s career has involved working at local, regional and European levels, developing and implementing strategic programmes and projects.


Agnès Damiens - Assistant
Agnès Damiens - Assistant

Agnès provides administrative support to the UIA Initiative. 

Before joining the Initiative, Agnès worked for almost 6 years in Grenoble and 8 years in Paris as Training Coordinator for several private structures like STMicroelectronics or Alstom.

+33 3 61 76 59 34

Laurent Dachy
Laurent Dachy - IT Officer

Laurent provides Information & Technology (IT) support to the Initiative.
Before joining the UIA, Laurent worked for 15 years for an IT company as Systems and Networks Engineer. His main missions consisted in managing IT infrastructure for private companies and public services.

+33 3 61 76 59 37

Hélène Bergès
Hélène Bergès - Communication Officer

Hélène is responsible for developing and implementing the UIA Communication Strategy. She organises events, provides support to applicants and project representatives on all communication related issues, and manages the digital communication activities.

Before starting the UIA adventure, Hélène worked for the Prime Minister’s Services in Paris and for a European Territorial Cooperation programme (INTERREG IVC).

+33 3 61 76 59 33

Finance Unit
Jean-Christophe Charlier
Jean-Christophe Charlier - Finance Coordinator

Jean-Christophe joined the UIA team in October 2015 and coordinates the finance unit whose activities range from project assessment, project monitoring, audit and control.

Prior to UIA, Jean-Christophe worked for more than 10 years for EU funded programmes focusing on European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg North West Europe and Alpine Space).

+33 3 61 76 59 35

Katarzyna Schönborn
Katarzyna Schönborn - Audit and Control Officer

Katarzyna joined the UIA team in March 2016 and is responsible for audit and control activities. She is especially in charge of issues related to risk management and fraud.

Before joining the UIA team, Katarzyna worked for a Transnational Cooperation Programme (PL-SK and PL-CZ) and for the European Commission (EFS Audit).

+33 3 61 26 07 30

Nélida Hancco
Nélida Hancco-Herrera - Finance Officer

Nélida is responsible for support to project applicants and partners as well as for project monitoring, especially on issues related to budget and eligibility of costs from a financial and control perspective.

Before joining the Initiative, Nélida worked for the Interreg North West Europe Programme as Finance Officer.

She holds two masters’ degrees, one in Management of European Affairs and the second one in Executive International Management.

+33 3 61 26 07 31

Camille Degryse
Camille Degryse - Finance Officer

Camille is responsible for support to project applicants and partners as well as for project monitoring, in particular regarding the eligibility of costs, state-aid and legal issues.

Before joining the Secretariat, Camille graduated in European law, and worked for the Region Nord-Pas de Calais as Project Director Assistant, providing legal and technical assistance for setting up the legal and practical foundations of the UIA Initiative before the establishment of the Permanent Secretariat.

+33 3 61 76 59 32

Isabella Schneble - Finance Assistant
Isabella Schneble - Finance Assistant
Isabella assists the finance unit in providing support to project applicants and partners as well as for project monitoring.
Before joining the Initiative, Isabella undertook a master degree in European Public Administration and worked for the Baden-Wuerttemberg federal state in Germany in different areas of public administration including research funding and European affairs.
+33 3 61 26 07 34
Project Unit
Raffaele Barbato
Raffaele Barbato - Project Coordinator

Raffaele coordinates the team in charge of organising the selection process of UIA projects, supporting selected projects during the implementation phase and coordinating the capitalisation process of the knowledge generated by urban authorities and key stakeholders involved.

Before joining the Permanent Secretariat, Raffaele worked with more than 500 urban authorities for 8 years at URBACT. Raffaele is also a lecturer at different universities in France and abroad, on topics related to the Urban Dimension of EU Policies, participative and integrated urban planning.

+33 3 61 76 59 36

Nasko Vangelov - Project Officer
Nasko Vangelov - Project Officer
Nasko joined in March 2018. He supports the team on all project-related issues, from selection of the projects to their implementation and subsequent knowledge dissemination.
His prior experience includes working for the private sector in Brussels, focusing on EU funding and public procurement. He is interested in sustainable development and innovation.
+33 3 61 260 735
Pier Paolo Saraceno – Project Officer

Pier Paolo works within the projects unit supporting the selection process, project implementation and the capitalisation of knowledge and results.

Prior to joining UIA, Pier worked for EUROCITIES, where he was supporting the policy and project work on several environmental issues, such as circular economy, climate and nature-based solutions. He also worked for the Interreg Alpine Space programme.

+33 3 61 260 732

Iraklis Stamos – Project Officer

Iraklis works within the projects unit supporting the selection process, project implementation and the capitalisation of knowledge and results generated by the projects funded. 

Prior to joining the Secretariat, Iraklis worked for the International Road Transport Union (IRU) as a manager for research & innovation. He also worked for the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) as a researcher, where he coordinated projects on mobility and transport. He holds a master’s degree in Transportation Engineering. 

+33 3 61 26 07 33