Short description
UIA Expert Alessandro Coppola has been collecting the knowledge stemming from the implementation of the innovative solution proposed by the City of Madrid for the development and strengthening of the social and solidarity economy in four neighbourhoods.

In the second UIA Journal, you will find out how the project has continued to progress looking specifically at:

  • The setting-up of the four Mar physical spaces located in the four neighbourhoods working on food, recycling, energy, mobility as well as the social and care economy
  • The design of local strategies for the development of the social and solidarity economy at neighbourhood level
  • The launch of a first round of consciousness-building activities aimed at informing the urban public about alternatives to mainstream economic organisations

This second journal provides a practical overview of how this jobs and skills projects is being delivered including a focus on the Recycling Mar which is demonstrating how the circular economy market can contribute to the social and solidarity economy.