Short description
UIA Expert Laura Colini has been collecting the knowledge stemming from the implementation of the innovative solution proposed by the City of Barcelona to test Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) as a measure for combating poverty and inequality.

In the second UIA Journal, you will find out how the project has continued to progress looking specifically at:

  • The challenge the project faced in providing information and communicating with the target group in the Eix-Besos area of the city
  • The process of selection of beneficiaries that will receive in different measures the GMI

This second journal provides a practical overview of how the project is trying to go beyond being a pilot and the differences it has from other GMI trials that have or are currently undergoing in other parts of the world. An informative account of how the city with its partners are working, will help to shade a light on this phase of the Pilot for other cities willing to engage in a similar project.