19 Nov 2020
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Housing Fair Finance - Cities engaging in the right to housing - Web conference #3

Housing Fair Finance
As part of a one-year learning activity, URBACT and UIA organises a third and final web conference on Thursday 19 November (10am-12pm CET) on the topic of housing fair finance.

Today, more European cities and social movements are calling governments at all levels to take responsibility for reaffirming housing as a right and not as a commodity. They are showing the way by trying out concrete actions to implement the right to housing.

This web conference #3 will be dedicated to the topic of fair finance. More specifically, we will ask what role, responsibilities and levers of action cities have in relation to the financialisation of their housing market.

After a short introduction, the web conference will feature UIA and URBACT city cases that are experimenting solutions towards the provision of adequate housing. We will then open up the discussion with a debate on the role of urban authorities, national and EU levels in enabling housing fair finance, considering as well the potentialities of the EU recovery package.

The outcomes of this webinar will build directly on the European Urban Agenda Partnership on affordable housing work, and will explore a set of actions and recommendations in terms of better knowledge among cities, also aiming at pushing the agenda on the right to housing EU wide.

The conference will be moderated by Laura Colini and Ivan Tosic.

Part 1. UIA and URBACT city-cases

10.05 – 10:30

UIA Yes We Rent ! Mataró (Spain): Leveraging vacant private property to build up cooperative affordable housing scheme. Laia Carbonell, Project manager

URBACT ALT/BAU  network, Riga (Latvia) Tax fines for leaving buildings in a derelict state. Villiams Vrobļevskis

Interview with Niels Scheffler, URBACT and UIA expert for both cities

10.30 – 10.40

Q&A to city representatives


Coffee break

Part 2. Financialisation, advocacy and future EU politics

10.50– 11:35

Manuel Gabarre de Sus, Observatory Against Economical Crime ES contributor of the report Housing financialization: Trends, actors and processes, 2018, Brochure of the European Action Coalition for the Right to housing and to the City 

Sjoerdje van Heerden, Joint Research Centre, co-author of the report, Who owns the city? Exploratory Research Activity on the financialisation of housing in EU cities, 2020 



Barbara Steenbergen, International Union of Tenants, Head of EU Office, Brussels BE

MEP Kim van Sparrentak, for the GroenLinks political party Rapporteur of the report Access to decent and affordable housing for all, 2019 


12:15- 12:30

Concluding remarks

Read the introductory paper here

Building on the experience of UIA and URBACT cities, the EU urban agenda partnerships, practitioners and experts, this web conference is the last of a series on the role of cities in working to implement this fundamental right.

Have a look at the recording of the webconference:

These web conferences are part of the joint UIA-URBACT knowledge activity. Any questions? Get in touch with o.tainguy@uia-initiative.eu / a.fauvel@urbact.eu

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