The UIA Initiative has launched its fifth Call for Proposals. The call is aimed at providing urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. It will remain open from 16 September 2019 until 12 December 2019 at 2pm CET. The budget for this call is approximately EUR 50 million ERDF.

Topics of the call

Air quality

Despite considerable progress in the past decades, ambient air pollution remains the numbe.. Read more

Circular economy

To address the challenges of climate change issues and environmental impacts of human acti.. Read more

Culture and cultural heritage

Culture and cultural heritage including Cultural and Creative Industries, are vital assets.. Read more

Demographic change

While capital metropolitan areas often experience constant population growth, over the las.. Read more

Read the UIA Guidance

A must-read for all applicants! The UIA guidance is the main reference document of the Call and explains all the rules and requirements of a UIA project. It should therefore be read together with the Terms of Reference of the Call (see below).

Download the Application Pack

Besides the UIA guidance, the application pack gathers all documents an applicant must consult while developing a project proposal. 
In addition to the documents and tools available in this page, the Permanent Secretariat will also organise several information and support activities for potential applicants (Applicant seminars, webinars, one-to-one consultations, etc.). More information available below.

Terms of Reference

All other resources

Application Form Courtesy document


This document is a working document which represents a simplified version of the full Application Form available in the EEP. It is designed to help you develop your Application Form. 

UIA Correspondence table


UIA Correspondence table “EU-28-LAU-2018-NUTS-2016-FR&PT_POP2017” (2018) was created, based on the information in Eurostat Correspondence table “LAU – NUTS 2016, EU-28 and EFTA / available Candidate Countries” (2018) and Eurostat Correspondence table “LAU – NUTS 2016, EU-28 and EFTA / available Candidate Countries” (2017). Because of that, please note that for FR and PT there are two tabs in the spreadsheet, while for the rest of the member states the information is consolidated in one tab per country.

Technical Guidance of the EEP


Applicants are requested to complete and submit their application form  via the UIA Electronic Exchange Platform (EEP). This guidance contains key technical information on the operation and use of the EEP. 

Self-assessment tool


The self-assessment tool has been developed by the UIA Permanent Secretariat to help potential applicants in understanding whether their project concept fits the Urban Innovative Actions initiative. It will guide potential applicants through the main criteria used by the Panel of External Experts to strategically assess submitted proposals, and help them identify their main strengths and weaknesses.

Please note that this self-assessment is purely informative and aims at supporting applicants in their project development. Its results are in no manner an indication of the potential outcome of the strategic assessment should your project be submitted.   

Template of the Subsidy Contract


Please note that this document is for information purposes only and doesn’t need to be submitted.

Presentation for applicants


This power point presentation is the presentation given to participants of the UIA Applicant Seminars. It provides an overview of all you need to know, from the eligibility criteria to the selection process, the description of the Application Form and of eligible expenditures. It also includes the four official topic definitions from the European Commission as well as four testimonies from UIA projects approved within the previous Calls.


The submission of the Application Form and relevant annexes is 100% paperless through the use of UIA’s Electronic Exchange Platform (EEP). Applicants are strongly invited to register and create their Application Form early in the application process. Going through the different sections of the Application Form and reading the guidance for the different fields (available in all EU languages) will help applicants to better structure and design their project. 

The PS staff will be also ready to assist applicants with any technical questions they may have during the Call for Proposals. Contact us at Other support tools: 
•    Two Applicants Seminars – in Prague on 15/10/19 and in Brussels on 05/11/19. During these seminars, participants will have the possibility to book bilateral meetings with members of the PS and/or representatives of the EC to discuss their project idea.
•    Webinars on specific aspects of the project development and submission are available on this page.
•    Online Q&A sessions and bilateral consultations. More information will be provided on the UIA website in due time – check our events section.

The deadline for the submission of the Application Form is the 12 December 2019 at 2pm CET. Applications are now closed.


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