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UIA 5th Call for Proposals has ended: get an insight of the 11 new UIA projects

News from the UIA projects

DIAMS - Digital Alliance for Marseille Sustainability

Aix-Marseille Provence metropole - France

The DIAMS digital platform: Towards a collaborative approach to improve the air quality governance- Zoom-in

The UIA DIAMS project, lead by the Aix Marseille Metropole, aims to engage the different parts of the society to improve the air quality problems in t..

GUARDIAN - Green Urban Actions for Resilient fire Defence of the Interface Area

Riba-roja de Túria - Spain

The smart use of water to fight WUI fires

Water scarcity is increasing in many European countries, being the climate change crisis and the growing water demand in urban areas their main driver..

P4W - Passport4Work an intersectoral skills passport with gamified skills assessment and improvement

Eindhoven - The Netherlands

How and why soft skills are important to the Passport4Work?

In his 1st zoom-in, P4W expert Ronald Lievens, explores why soft skills are a key part of the Passport4Work project. Especially in these times, with c..

Antwerp Circular South - engaging the community in an online and offline circular economy

Antwerp - Belgium

Circular South – Group purchases Designed for disassembly.

One of the goals for the Circular South project was the organisation of circular group purchases concerning products that are designed for disassembly..

AVEIRO STEAM CITY - Urban Network for Upgrading STEAM Skills and Increasing Jobs Added-Value through Digital Transformation in a new economic context

Aveiro - Portugal


Many municipalities all over the world turn to the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to prevent environmental deterioration, mitigate traffic congesti..

CitiCap - Citizen's cap-and-trade co-created

Lahti - Finland

CitiCAP application data to be used for corona research

Lahti´s CitiCAP application collects data of its users' mobility. The study of this year's spring shows that the mobility of Lahti people has decrease..

A Place to Be-Come

Seraing - Belgium

When socioprofessional inclusion goes with biodiversity

The project “A Place to Be-Come” is taking place in Seraing since September 2019. It was initiated by the nonprofit organization Arebs (Association fo..

SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Szeged - Hungary

Both employers and employees adjusted well during the lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic induced dramatic changes in all our lives. To avoid personal contacts, most companies introduced working from home. However, it ..

OASIS - School yards: Openness, Adaptation, Sensitisation, Innovation and Social ties: Design and transformation of local urban areas adapted to climate change, working jointly with users

Paris - France

Back-to-School(yard)! How the OASIS Schoolyards offer a solution to the global dilemma for re-opening schools.

As the end of summer is approaching, governments around the world are seeking ways to safely re-open their schools and welcome their pupils in class. ..

UIA latest news & events

Free Surprise Breakfast for Szeged’s Bikers: Thirty Thousand Choose Cycling in Szeged Every Day

Free Surprise Breakfast for Szeged’s Bikers: Thirty Thousand Choose Cycling in Szeged Every Day

In the city of Szeged, one out of every five local inhabitants chooses environmentally-friendly biking these days. An increasing number of people moun...
UIA Article
 ©Levente Polyak Athens

Join us at the #EURegionsWeek as we explore UIA knowledge activities first findings!

This year the 18th European Week for Regions and Cities goes online from 5 to 22 October 2020. Follow-up on UIA knowledge activities and register to t...
UIA Article
Athens project

Engaging cities to reject housing exclusion as a ‘fact of life’

Could Covid-19 prove a turning point in the fight against homelessness? The second URBACT-UIA web conference on the right to housing engaged cities to...
UIA Article
Bike Lahti

UIA Summer Reading List: 7 articles to dive into urban innovative solutions!

With summer officially upon us, the UIA team has got some interesting readings for you! To get you prepped for the best summer ever, we selected for y...
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Antwerp June 2019

UIA knowledge journey continues: strategy now adopted and current activities progressing

With now 86 projects generating knowledge while implementing their innovative solutions, facilitating an effective process of knowledge transfer and c...
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Urban mobility
CALL 5 selected projects

UIA 5th Call for Proposals has ended: get an insight of the 11 new UIA projects

11 new projects have been selected in the framework of the 5th UIA Call for Proposals. As in previous calls, the competition among cities has been pa...
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Picture representing people discussing

The UIA Knowledge Management Strategy adopted: a valuable testbed to explore the future EUI components and mechanisms

While the design of the European Urban Initiative (EUI), as described in Commission’s Explanatory Memo - European Urban Initiative post-2020, is enter...
UIA Article
Picture representing people discussing and eating in an urban environment

Cities engaging in the right to housing Web conference #2 - No one left behind - Introductory paper

The introductory paper provides background to the web conference “No one left behind”, the second in a series on “Cities Engaging in the Right to Hous...
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