Call for proposals (closed)

The second Call for Proposals of the UIA initiative is now closed. The Call was open from the 16th of December until the 14th of April 2017 (14h00 CET). The UIA initiative invited applicants to develop and submit projects under three topics: circular economy, urban mobility and integration of migrants and refugees. An overall budget of 50 million euro of ERDF was allocated to this Call.
The Permanent Secretariat organised a series of applicants seminars and webinars over the course of the Call for Proposals.
Do you have a question? Please contact the UIA Permanent Secretariat

This selection process is organised in three steps:

1. Eligibility and Admissibility check: this is the very first step carried out. The Permanent Secretariat will check whether the applications comply with the eligibility and admissibility criteria listed in the UIA Terms of Reference.

Applicants whose proposal has been declared ineligible or inadmissible will receive a notification informing them of the reasons for this (approx. end of April 2016).

For eligible and admissible applications, these will move onto the next step of the selection process.

2. Strategic assessment: a Panel of External Experts with in-depth knowledge of the topics of the Call is in charge of a Strategic assessment. The Panel will evaluate the proposals according to 4 weighted criteria:

  • Innovativeness (40%)
  • Partnership (15%)
  • Measurability of results (15%)
  • Transferability (10%)

Applications successfully scoring above a certain threshold will be considered for the last step of the selection process, the Operational assessment.

Applicants whose proposals don’t qualify for the Operational assessment will receive a notification, together with an overall comment regarding the assessment (approx. end of June 2016).

3. Operational assessment: the Permanent Secretariat will perform the last assessment and check the quality of the proposal i.e. are the Work Plan, budget and management structures coherent and well justified? This assessment accounts for the last 20% of the overall assessment.

Building on the results of the Operational assessment, a Selection Committee composed of the European Commission and the Entrusted Entity will meet to make the final selection.

All applicants who reach the Operational assessment stage will be notified of the final decision, and the successful applicants will be able to start working on their project. (approx. end of October 2016)

You can read our Guidance section 3.2, for a complete overview of our selection process and scoring system.

Applicants are reminded that the selection process will be very competitive and only the most innovative projects will be selected.

All the best to all of them!