UIA support to applicants – 3rd Call for Proposals

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The 3rd Call for Proposals will open soon: it is time for us to explain how applicants can get support while developing their innovative proposals! To better support applicants in fully understanding the requirements and expectations of the UIA initiative, the Permanent Secretariat will deliver a complementary programme of support actions over the coming months. These different physical and online activities build on and capitalise upon the experience of the previous Calls to provide a stronger support to applicants.

As for the previous Calls for Proposals, four applicants seminars will be organised in different parts of the EU to enable a large number of organisations to attend. These seminars are open to any potentially interested organisations, which will be guided through all the aspects, processes, documents and requirements of the 3rd Call for Proposals. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear testimonies from cities successful under the first and second Calls. During these applicants seminars, participants will also be able to present their project concept and receive feedback through one-to-one discussions with the Permanent Secretariat and Experts. Here are the dates and locations of these seminars:

For this 3rd Call, the Permanent Secretariat has developed a new self-assessment tool (which will soon be available on the Call 3 page) which should help interested applicants to ask themselves the right questions around the main criteria used during the Strategic assessment. Interesting organisations will thus be able to identify the main strengths and weaknesses of their current project concept through a spider diagram consolidating the different answers. This tool could be used at different times during project development in order to check its progress.

Besides, the Permanent Secretariat will organise a series of four webinars. Building on last Call’s experience, the approach will be slightly different this year with pre-recorded webinars (published around mid-January), followed by online live collective Q&A sessions (in February). These four webinars will provide complementary information to those presented during applicants seminars and will focus on concrete examples covering the main strategic and operational aspects of a UIA application. The topics addressed by the different webinars will be the following:

  • Webinar n°1: Creating a UIA partnership
  • Webinar n°2: Strengthening your Intervention logic and Work Plan
  • Webinar n°3: Drafting your budget and making sure that costs are eligible
  • Webinar n°4: Planning your Project management and communication strategy

Please regularly check out the Event section and our social media accounts to keep abreast of these webinars.

The Permanent Secretariat will host one-to-one online individual consultation sessions at the beginning of March. These sessions will be open to project promoters having already an advanced project concept and needing specific and technical advice from UIA officers few weeks before the Call deadline. Registration will be opened at the end of February. More information will follow early 2018.

We hope this programme of support actions will enable applicants and interesting organisations to receive all the information they need to prepare their proposals. As the one-stop-shop of the UIA Initiative, the Permanent Secretariat remains fully available for questions – feel free to contact us at